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Yesterday, as I staggered off the tube after a 1¼hr commute, I was in desperate need of a good coffee and some sugar. Time was not in my favour though, so I dashed to my desk, resigned to another mediocre cafetière coffee. However, my rather lowly expectations were about to be blown out of the water. For, with rather fortuitous timing, not one, but two delectable products had been sent in that very morning.

bag of kopi coffee

KOPI coffee

box of Emily's brownies

Emily's Brownies

Happy Wednesday

KOPI Coffee (Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua blend) was probably the best ground coffee I’ve ever had. Smooth and fairly strong, but so lacking in any bitterness or astringency that you could guzzle it like water. Sweet and nutty aftertastes leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a dark chocolate praline. KOPI are a coffee subscription service, where they deliver a different 250g bag of gourmet coffee to your door each month. It’s pricey but if each coffee is as good as this, I’m tempted to put it on the Christmas list.
What’s the damage? £7-9/month, depending on length of subscription
Order from KOPI.co.uk
Rating: ♥♥♥
(nearly lost a ♥ for the price, but in reality it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than Starbucks)

close up of gooey brownieEmily’s Brownies are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Rich, but not overly sweet, chewy on the top, gooey in the middle and with a subtle hint of orange. The moment you unwrap the beautifully packaged box, the sweet chocolate-orange scent wafts over you, making them impossible to resist (even at 10am). Handmade in the North-East of England, you can add a personalised message and deliver them anywhere in the UK with next-day delivery (£5), perfect for those last-minute forgotten birthday panics. Otherwise, 24-48hr delivery is free.
What’s the damage? £18 for 12
Order from emilysbrownies.co.uk 
Rating: ♥♥