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I am lucky enough to live in one of the most innovative and interesting parts of London, food-wide (and otherwise!). It seems every week there’s a new pop-up, food stall or story that emerges about some young startup doing exciting things with food, and today was no exception. Tonight was the inaugural night of Street Feast London – the Dalston chapter. I’d never made it to its Brick Lane or Camden counterparts, but luckily for me, they’ve just moved to a new site just opposite Dalston Junction station. Since it was such a nice evening, I decided to stroll down and check it out.

Whether it was the fact that Murray had secured his place in the Wimbledon finals but an hour before, or that it was one of the nicest evenings we’ve had all “summer”, there was no denying there was a sense of laid-back (natch) jubilation in the air.

Housed in a long-disused outdoor car park/warehouse space round the back of Eastern Curve garden, the stall holders were gathered around, with one long table running down the middle.

There were about 16 stalls in attendance, from stalwarts such as Homeslice, Yum Bun and Anna Mae’s to relative newcomers such as Roost, Pop Up Barbados and Bare Grillz.

Around the corner, street artists created wall-art alongside guests making good use of the ping pong table.

With such a range of cuisines and dishes, it was difficult to decide what to go for. A goat curry from Vinn Goute?

Tacos from Buen Provecho?

Some deep-fried buttermilk chicken from Roost?

A cupcake from Molly Bakes?

Or perhaps a cone of spicy Jahl Muri from The Everybody Love Love Jahl Muri Express?

In the end, I opted for a jerk chicken wrap from Mama’s Jerk Station.

Tender pieces of chicken, rubbed with hot jerk seasoning and cooked on a hot griddle, were stuffed into a corn wrap, topped with tomato salsa, cucumber and sweetcorn, fried plantain, tropical mayonnaise and a good splash of hot sauce (£5.50). Beautiful (although I might ask them to go easy on the hot sauce next time, my mouth is on fire right now!)

With this many amazing stalls to choose from, I can see this becoming a Friday-night ritual.

Street Feast London is on every Friday until the end of August, 5pm-midnight at Thames House, Hartwell Street, E8 3DU.