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Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

Once of the most disconcerting marketing ploys that emerged in the weeks leading up to the birth of Prince George a few months ago was Krispy Kreme’s decision to launch a new doughnut – Bite & Reveal – in honour of the forthcoming newborn. Who knew whether the centre (/baby) would be pink or blue? The only way to tell (slightly unnervingly) was to bite and see… Allusions to Kate being like a doughnut aside, (and that biting her might reveal the sex of her baby), it did jog my memory of a pending post that I’ve been planning for months.

Yes, this time last year I set off on a selfless mission to hunt down some of London’s best doughnuts. Since then, doughnuts have been enjoying somewhat of a renaissance (and don’t even talk to me about the cronut). So, this week, buckle up and prepare yourself for a series of posts – the Who’s Who of the doughnut world (according to me, at least).

With no further ado, let me introduce the first doughnut in the round-up.

The Foreigner

Churros Healthy...I started my quest with churros from Churros Garcia. Resembling crinkly cut chips, the dough is piped straight out in front of you into the sizzling dark oil. Now, I know all doughnuts are deep fried, but there’s something about seeing it in front of you that brings home just how nutritionally devoid they actually are. Still, the end result was very moreish. And of course, the little pot of melted chocolate didn’t go amiss either.

Price: £4 for 5
Dough: Chewy and crisp
Filling: None
Coating: Cinammon sugar, then dipped in melted chocolate.
Rating: 6.5/10great while hot, but when cooled and soggy with oil, they have about as much appeal as cold chips…

Next stop: The Hybrid.