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In part two of a week-long series on London’s best doughnuts, I visit another churros stall…

Brazilian Churros

Brazilian Churros
15 minutes after my run-in with The Foreigner, I come across another churros stall, but with filled churros. Now, some would argue this means they’re no longer churros, but to show my commitment to the project, I couldn’t not try one…

Piping the dough

Price: £3.50 each
Dough: Chewy
Filling: Dulce du leche (piped in after the churros are fished out of the deep-fryer… healthy!)
Coating: Cinnamon sugar
Rating: 6/10 – dulce du leche and deep-fried dough make an excellent combination, but £3.50 for one was overpriced.


(Five minutes later, I walked past another churros stall… But even all the will in the world couldn’t get me past that sick, grease-filled feeling that was slowly accumulating in the pit of stomach. Doughnuts – particularly churros – are probably best eaten in moderation!)

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