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Halfway through a week-long series on London’s best doughnuts, I call in at Electric Donuts…

Electric Cinema Donuts

Electric Cinema

Ring doughnutsThe Electric Cinema has happily reopened on Notting Hill after being gutted by a fire earlier in the year. In the shiny new foyer is Electric Donuts, selling… freshly-baked doughnutts. Given that they say they ‘serve hot donuts and coffee from 8am every day’ (and their brave – or as some subs might say, infuriating – decision to drop the ‘ugh’ from their name) it’s likely they’re hoping Notting Hillers will adopt the American coffee ‘n’ doughnut breakfast tradition. Only time will tell if it takes off.

Price: £1.50 each
Dough: Light and fluffy
Filling: None
Coating: cinnamon sugar (although other flavours include a berry trifle with a crumbly topping and maple bourbon that sounds pretty damn good)
Rating: 7/10 – good texture but what’s a do(ugh)nut without a filling?

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