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Four down, three to go… This is part four of a week-long series on London’s best doughnuts.

St John Bakery

The King of the Doughnuts
The reputation of St John’s doughnuts are unparalleled so I couldn’t do a taste test of London’s doughnuts without going to visit The King. Be warned though, that doughnuts this good do not go unnoticed. On a sunny Saturday earlier this year, their Maltby Street Market archway had sold out by 1:30pm.

Maltby StreetPrice: £2
Dough: Chewy outside, inside the dough was akin to a bread roll – slowly risen dough and not too sweet
Filling: a lot (around 1/3 of whole doughnut) of VERY good raspberry jam
Coating: Liberally coated with a lot of granulated sugar, making it impossible to eat without coating yourself in sugar (or at least, that’s my excuse)
Rating: 9/10 (one point docked for having to get there early!)

As an aside, I also stumbled across these at the market (Bea’s of Bloomsbury and Starbucks take note…) For this taste test though, I felt duffins ventured too far into cake category and therefore were disqualified.