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You Doughnut!

Today’s post goes small – this is part of a week-long series on London’s best doughnuts

You Doughnut MenuRelative newcomers You Doughnut! are normally only found at KERB but I stumbled across them at Feast in the Fields so thought I’d give them a go. The miniature doughnuts do kind of cheat by having the filling on the outside, but they do offer some customisation… After being rolled in sugar (unnecessary) and drenched in a ridiculously sweet (but amazing) caramel sauce, you can pick and choose your toppings, froyo-style. On offer were pecans, pistachios, sprinkles, marshmallows… For just a little bit more sugar.

Price: £2 for two, £3.50 for 5
Doughy, soft exterior
None, but doused liberally in either warm salted caramel or dark chocolate sauce, then sprinkled in toppings
Cinnamon or vanilla sugar
7.5/10 – pre-rolled and transferred from a tupperware box into the fryer, these felt the most homemade of the lot. It gives me hope that I could make doughnuts at home, but I think I’d skip the extra sugar and toppings and just go for a double serving of caramel sauce!

Mini but deadly