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Well, it’s been a tough few months. I’ve consumed deep-fried doughballs, inhaled huge quantities of sugar and had several messy moments. But with no further ado, let me announce what I – and many others – believe to be The Best Doughnut in London.

The winner is… St John Bakery doughnuts

Talkhouse CoffeeIt will come as no surprise that St John Bakery doughnuts have pipped all other doughnuts to the post. In my review of The Jam, the doughnuts achieved a near-perfect 9/10, losing out on full marks just because of the need to wake early and drag yourself to Maltby Street market before they sell out.

Well, I have good news, doughnut-eating friends. Good news that has upgraded this doughnut to a perfect 10/10.

If you’re ever Notting Hill way, you can now get a St John doughnut, decent coffee and comfy seat from which to watch the world go by all at once. Yes, Talkhouse Coffee, purveyors of Workshop and Square Mile espresso, salt beef brioche buns and plum and almond friands, also sell London’s best doughnuts.

Talkhouse Coffeeshop

Found just by the Westway, at the top of Portobello Road, the relatively new scandi-chic coffee shop is the perfect place to pop in for some respite from the market. Or for afternoon tea. Or elevenses. Or heck, why not breakfast? These doughnuts are good enough to eat at any time of day.

Price: £2 for original or jam, £2.20 for custard
Super-light and fluffy, chewy exterior
Jam or Talkhouse’s own custard (for the sake of research, I tried the custard, which was more like chantilly cream… I’d stick to jam.)
Icing sugar

So there you have it, London’s Best Doughnut and where to find it. Now go forth and drink (coffee), eat (doughnuts) and be merry!

Coffee and doughnuts