Hit List

A year of working on a food magazine has taken its toll. The other day, I thought I’d jot down a few restaurants that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while. Some formal, some no-reservations, some stalwarts, others popping up – all crying out for me to visit.

So, for posterity (and to try and either knock a few off the list or get a few more recommendations), I thought I’d share my 31-strong (to date) Hit List with you. Have you been to any of these places and been disappointed? Are there other relatively unknown places you’ve loved and would recommend? Answers on a postcard (or at the bottom of the page).

I noticed, during my research (well, pulling of web addresses), that Jay Rayner appears to have reviewed at least two thirds of these restaurants. Given that he’s recently admitted he is eating himself to death, I am perhaps setting myself on a course for destruction. But only time will tell – restricted funds (and months-long waiting lists) may just be my saving grace.

The Hit List

  1. This Bright Field
  2. Duck & Waffle
  3. Sushi Tetsu
  4. Lardo
  5. Burnt Enz
  6. Jugged Hare
  7. Market Cafe
  8. Ceviche
  9. Pizarro
  10. The Russett
  11. Buen Ayre
  12. 10 Greek Street
  13. Burger & Lobster
  14. Spuntino
  15. Copita
  16. Pitt Cue
  17. Mangal Ocakabasi
  18. Pollen Street Social
  19. Dabbous
  20. Terroirs
  21. Tomscoopery
  22. St John Bread & Wine
  23. Rochelle Canteen
  24. Flat Iron
  25. L’entrepot
  26. Soif
  27. Saf
  28. Brasserie Zedel
  29. Bocca di Lupo
  30. Locanda Locatelli
  31. Dinner

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